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With SeeTestAutomation you can create and run web tests for applications running on all of today's leading mobile browsers.

For the following device-browser configurations we offer advanced testing capabilities by means of our Object Spy feature which provides dynamic Web object identification:

  • Android applications displayed in Chrome

  • iOS applications displayed in Safari

Additionally, you can run web tests on hybrid applications per se. On Android, you have to instrument your application to enable this option. On iOS, however, you do not have to, but the tested application must be enabled for debugging. For a non-instrumented iOS application, SeeTest tries to fetch web properties of elements whose class name is UIAWebView (by default). You can override the default class name of web-view root-elements by adding/modifying application property ios.non-instrumented.web.dump.classes. For instance, having the following line in file will cause elements of class OurAppWebView to become also recognizable as elements which may contain web-properties:

 ios.non-instrumented.web.dump.classes=[UIAWebView, OurAppWebView]

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