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When using Utilities Commands (Install, Uninstall, Launch, ApplicationClearData) - you are required to enter the application's identifier.  

How to get the application's identifier for Android?

You have 2 options to find the application identifier:

  1. If the application was imported in the past, it will be found in the applications list - right-click on it and choose 'Copy Name'.

  2. If the application is not on the list, but it is on the device, follow the following process:
      1. Click on the 'Import application' icon
      2. You will then see the following pop-up:
      3. Choose "Import application from Android device"
      4. The application will be found in the device applications list - import it.

      5. The application will then be found in the applications list - right-click it and choose 'Copy Name'.

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