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SeeTest Automation supports audio interaction with the device

This interaction is done by playing an audio file to the device headset jack, and recording the device's output (from the headset jack) and storing it in an audio file.

This feature requires dedicated hardware. please consult this page.

When audio is configured, the following audio commands can be executed from SeeTest Automation on local devices:

1) SeeTestAutomation- StartAudioPlay - start audio play from specified file located on local machine.

2) StopAudioPlay - Stop  playing  the file.

2) SeeTestAutomation- WaitForAudioPlayEnd - wait until audio play ends or until specified timeout.

3) SeeTestAutomation- StartAudioRecording - start audio recording from device into specified file. value should be full path.

4) SeeTestAutomation- StopAudioRecording - audio file is downloaded to a file, located on local machine, that was specified in StartAudioRecording command. 

Step 1: configuring audio support for devices

On "Tools" menu , click on Audio settings

Audio Settings dialog contains following options:

1) Choosing the device you want to configure.

2) List of Audio In lines (used for recording commands). 

3) List of Audio out lines (used for playback commands).

When plugging or Unplugging a USB audio interface, wait for 25 seconds for it to be added\removed from the audio lines list.

Audio icon will appear in device table for devices which in line or out line were configured for them in the audio settings.

  • If you wish to remove the audio settings for a specific device, choose "No Audio Configuration"
  • More then one device can be configure to work with one audio interface.

Step 2: Run audio test

The supported audio file for StartAudioPlay (play to device) is *.WAV format only.

The recorded files for StartaudioRecording (record from device), will be saved as  *.wav or  *.flac formats, according to user preference 

Now audio commands can be used with this device:

In the following example, we:

  1. play an audio file to the device.
  2. wait until the playing will end for up to 10 seconds.
  3. start recording from the device
  4. sleep for 20 seconds while we record.
  5. stop the recording

Using WaitForDevice with audio parameter in query

SeeTestAutomation- WaitForDevice command can use audio support flag in the query:

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