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When running a test step on a Native element, a set of rules are enforced in the found element's properties before the actual command operation is performed.


One rule requires that the element is not "busy". a busy element is an element that is still being drawn by the Operation System on the device, or is busy showing some animation.
In case the element is found in such state, SeeTest waits for it to get idle for a short time, and then gives up waiting and performs the step on the busy element.

This default behavior might be configured in '' file by setting the following properties: 

  • element.idle.timeout=<timeout to wait for busy element in milliseconds> (1500 by default)
  • assert.element.idle=<true/false> - if element is not found till timeout - should the test step fail ("true") instead of continuing to perform it on the busy element ("false" - the default value).


Another rule forced on the element, is that it does not have zero size. Elements with zero size (i.e. width or height) are often deflated elements that the application intend to inflate when they are required.
This default behavior might be configured by setting the following properties: 

  • assert.element.dimension=<true/false> - should elements with 0 width or height fail the test ("true" by default).