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Supported in iOS Supported in Android

User can use WEB recognition method with the following options:

Step 1: Set the Zone to "WEB"

Step 2: Use the Spy icon button to get the Native properties of all the elements on the screen.

Web elements will be marked in Blue rectangles indicating it is a web object.

Step 3: Mark the required element and you will see in a pop-up box all the Object/Element Native properties.

Step 4: Copy them to insert on the command’s element parameter.



In this case the event will be sent to the element directly instead of by its coordinates.

The syntax is nclick:<query>=<value>


With the setProperty command

In this case, javascript will be used to send the click event.

Customized identification properties in WEB mode

You can specify additional attributes of web elements that will be used search and identification by SeeTestAutomation. By default, web elements will be identified by standard HTML element attributes like node type, id, name etc. If in your HTML page or hybrid application HTML elements contain additional attributes that can be used in automated tests, you can configure SeeTestAutomation to collect this information and use it later in XPath expressions.

The configuration of additional attributes is performed in the file by appending additional.web.identifiers key with comma-separeted list of attribute names.

For example:


After editing the file and restarting the SeeTestAutomation you can use the configured identification attributes in XPath expressions

For example:


Object spy will also display them in Properties Dialog along with the rest of standard identification attributes.

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