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Note: This command will work only on instrumented applications. for more information see application preparation.

boolean ElementListPick (ListZoneName, ListLocator, ElementZoneName, ElementLocator, Index, Click)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Select an element from the Object Repository in a list (first make the element visible) Equivalent command to elementListSelect command.


  • ListZoneName: Select the zone from which the List element will be selected (can also be empty)
  • ListLocator: Select the List element (native identification / object name from object repository) (can also be empty)
  • ElementZoneName: Select the zone from which the picked element will be selected
  • ElementLocator: Select the element (native identification / object name from object repository)
  • SeeTestAutomation- Index: Element index
  • Click: If TRUE then click


Command usage: Uses zones to identify the list Locator and the element Locator.

Example scenario: We will use the same example as shown on the elementListSelect command only instead we will choose the option of United Kingdom.

Step 1: Set the commands properties to find the element

  1. List Zone: "Native"
  2. List Locator: "id=countryList"
  3. Element Zone: "Native"
  4. Element Locator: "text=United Kingdom"
  5. Index: 0
  6. Click: true (If 'False', then element will be only made visible)

This will now find 'United Kingdom' and then click on the element to select it.

Code Examples

Java Example
client.elementListPick("NATIVE", "id=countryList", "NATIVE", "text=United Kingdom", 0, true);
C# Example
client.ElementListPick("NATIVE", "id=countryList", "NATIVE", "text=United Kingdom", 0, true);
VBScript Example
client.ElementListPick "NATIVE", "id=countryList", "NATIVE", "text=United Kingdom", 0, true
Python Example
self.client.elementListPick("NATIVE", "id=countryList", "NATIVE", "text=United Kingdom", 0, True)
Perl Example
$client->elementListPick("NATIVE", "id=countryList", "NATIVE", "text=United Kingdom", 0, 1);
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