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Description: SeeTest Automation uses XML-RPC protocol to communicate between the SeeTest Automation client (language code specific) combined with a specific port and the tested device.

How to get to the Agent Properties Window on SeeTest Automation UI.


  1. The Agent is the SeeTest Automation UI port. Any interaction with the device there will be with this port only.
  2. Each row represents a license bucket that is used by SeeTestAutomation instance.
  3. OSs listed indicates the possible types of devices can run using it.

In this example - there are three license buckets and a total of 6 available execution buckets.

Out of the 6 devices, 3 must be Android devices, and 3 must be iOS devices.


Stop the agent


  • When the Agent is stopped the user can change the port number. 
  • The port number can be entered manually or adjusted using the up and down arrows.

Start the agent


  • Refresh the running agent.


Close the Agent properties window.

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