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Supported in iOS Supported in Android


This command will return a string of all devices currently available in the device list (on ready mode).


No parameters.

Note: Command will not return name of devices in offline mode.


Check the status of available devices on the device list.

Step 1: Add GetConnectedDevices() after initially setting a device.

Step 2: When script will run, we will get the string of all connected devices available on the devices list that are on ready mode.

Code Examples

Java Example
String str1 = client.getConnectedDevices();
C# Example
string str1 = client.GetConnectedDevices();
VBScript Example
str0 = client.GetConnectedDevices (  )
Python Example
var1 = self.client.getConnectedDevices()
Perl Example
my $str1 = $client->getConnectedDevices();
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