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HybridSelect(WebViewLocator, Index, Method, Value, Select)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Select an option  from a Select element in a WebView.


  • WebViewLocator: The web view element (optional)
    string like id=web or empty for the first WebView in the page if you have more than one web view there.
  • SeeTestAutomation- IndexWebView index
  • Method: Property of the Select element (css/id/text/Name/xpath) 
  • Value: Query to identify the Select element. 
  • Select: Value to select from the list.


Scenario: In the following example, we will select a value from a web drop down list element, and change the language in the Wikipedia home page.

Command usageIn order to select an item from a drop-down list that is a web object - use the HybridSelect command.


  • WebViewLocator: will be Empty
  • SeeTestAutomation- IndexWill be 0
  • Method: Will be set to id
  • Value: Will be set to searchLanguage
  • Select: Will be set to Deutsche 

Result: Value was change to Deutsche

Code Examples

Java Example
client.hybridSelect("", 0, "name", "hl", "Deutsch");
C# Example
client.hybridSelect("", 0, "name", "hl", "Deutsch");
VBScript Example
client.hybridSelect "", 0, "name", "hl", "Deutsch"
Python Example
self.client.hybridSelect("", 0, "name", "hl", "Deutsch")
Perl Example
$client->hybridSelect("", 0, "name", "hl", "Deutsch");
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