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SeeTestAutomation provides monitoring infrastructure. The monitors are collected during your test execution. There is no need to use any command to start the monitoring collection.


  1. The current supported monitors are:
  2. Every launch command will automatically add the launched application to the list of monitored applications.
  3. This feature is supported on Android and iOS devices

Here are the monitor-related commands:

  1. SeeTestAutomation- GetCounter: will retrieve the value of the requested monitor (for the system or the specified application package).
  2. SeeTestAutomation- StartMonitor: will erase all previous monitoring data collected so far. This command also allows to add an application to the list of monitored applications.
  3. GetMonitorData: return the content of the monitor’s values as a string in CSV format (including monitoring information for the system and all launched applications).

The report's command title will include the monitored data information:

At the end of the report you will find a link to a data file (CSV) that contains all the monitored information:

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