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Supported in iOS Supported in Android


According to the given percentage, this command will return the active device's height pixel count (Y Coordinate) as an Integer.

With this command and the matching P2CX command, you can avoid relying on coordinates and to give relative size not based on resolution of device


  • Percentage – Given screen percentage Value will be between 0 to 100 .


Scenario: In the following example I wish to verify that the application logo is located in the top 20% of the screen. I will have to get the width of 20% of the screen's height in coordinates.




  • Percentage – will be set to 20.

Code Examples

Java Example
int int0 = client.p2cy(20);
C# Example
int int0 = client.P2cy(20);
VBScript Example
int0 = client.P2cy ( 20 )
Python Example
var0 = self.client.p2cy(20)
Perl Example
my $int0 = $client->p2cy(20);
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