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ReceiveIncomingSMS (FromNumber, Msg)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Initiate sending of SMS to be received by the device.


  • FromNumber - The phone number that the message will appear to arrive from (5+ character).

  • Msg - The message text (5+ character).



To use telephony features (receiving calls and SMS), the Cloud Admin must have configured and activated a telephony account. This is done in the Device Policies -> Telephony web UI page.

Code Examples

Java Example
client.receiveIncomingSMS("123456", "Test Message");
C# Example
client.ReceiveIncomingSMS("123456", "Test Message");
VBScript Example
client.ReceiveIncomingSMS("123456", "Test Message")
Python Example
self.client.receiveIncomingSMS("123456", "Test Message")
Perl Example
$client->receiveIncomingSMS("123456", "Test Message");
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