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Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Set the default timeout for click commands


  • Timeout: The Timeout value.
    The value -1 will set it back to initial timeout of 10000 ms



Command usage

 When we want to extend the timeout of a command to postpone our test from failing because of timeout issues.

Scenario: In the following example we will use the 'SetDefaultTimeout' to extend the timeout for a click command to execute. We will use a click command on an element that does not exist on the page and also change the default timeout for this command to fail.


  • Timeout (in milliseconds) - Will be set to 30000 in this example.

Step 1: Add command of 'SetDefaultTimeout' command with parameter Timeout=30000.

Step 2:          Add click command on icon that does not exist on the home screen. In this example we will try to click an icon by the name 'text=Does_Not_Exist'

Note:    The click command was trying to execute for 30 seconds (as we set in the Timeout) before failing.

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