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SetShowPassImageInReport(boolean showImage)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Using this command, you can configure the generated HTML report. Based on the command, steps on the report will either have the screen shot of the device or not during the command execution.


  • boolean showImage:
    • If set to True: It will take a screenshot from every step during the test and present them on the generated HTML report (default state).
      (This will also cause a reduced reflection update rate)
    • If set to False: It will take screenshots only for failed steps on the tests. It will present only those images in the generated report.


This can speed up the test execution, as screenshots are not taken for every step on the script.

The command will be valid for the entire script unless used again.


Scenario: In this example, we will execute the same test (Login scenario in the Demo Applicatio EriBank).

The only difference is the value on the SetShowPassImageInReport. Step 6 on the test is suppose to fail to demonstrate the command.


  •  Test

  • Report

    Note: The command itself will not be reflected on the report.

Screenshots are taken for each step (default state)


  • Test

  • Report

    Screenshots are not taken for successful commands.

    Only for the failed ones

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