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void SetWebAutoScroll(boolean AutoScroll)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Command to determine behavior of scrolling to invisible elements on a webView. 

Note: The webAutoScroll is not supported for elements such that one of their ancestors contains property 'transform', because that property may change the coordinates of elements on the web page. To enable webAutoScroll please remove 'transform' property from the elements and its parents.


  • AutoScroll: boolean
    o  true: Will scroll the webView when searching for invisible objects.
    o  false: Will not scroll the webView when searching for invisible objects. 


When setting SetWebAutoScroll to False, the result will be “False”, since the Golf tab is not visible on the screen:

When setting SetWebAutoScroll to True, the result will be “True”, since the test will automatically scroll down the web page until it finds the Golf tab:


Scenario: We will use the IsElementFound command to look for the “Golf” tab in the page, which is not initially visible on the screen.

This is how the script will look like in the SeeTest UI:

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