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Supported in iOS Supported in Android


StartStepsGroup begins a group marks (and SeeTestAutomation- StopStepsGroup ends it). All the steps that appear between those two steps will appear under the same group on the report.


  •  Caption: The caption of the group which will be displayed on the report.


  1. Executing StartStepsGroup without a corresponding StopStepsGroup will group all the steps until the end of the test scenario / script.
  2. When a StartStepsGroup is executed but corresponding StopStepsGroup is not called afterwards, another execution of StartStepsGroup will end the previous group explicitly, and will start a new group immediately.
  3. Only one level of grouping is allowed.


Scenario: In the following example I will test a login of an application on the android and ios platforms.


The user can open/close the group by clicking the group step.

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