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The command allow to measure the execution time of a scenario segment (consecutive steps at the test scenario).

StartTransaction marks the beginning of the scenario segment to measure, while SeeTestAutomation- EndTransaction command marks the end of this segment.

The total steps execution time in the segment is considered as the duration of the transaction.

All the data regarding transactions which is produced from the test is gathered at a single csv transactions summary file at the reports folder.


name - The name of the transaction.


To start measuring a scenario segment, insert a StartTransaction command and a name to identify it in the report and the csv file.

Also insert the SeeTestAutomation- EndTransaction command to mark the end of the segment to measure.


Below is a scenario with 3 transactions Tr-Login, Tr-Clicks and Tr-Logout.

* The test scenario

At the generated report the transactions information table will appear at the bottom of the "Test Execution Summary" page.

The transactions_summary.csv file will gather all the statistics of the transactions


* A link to the csv file appears at the index.html  (marked with red rectangle under the graphs)                                 * The csv file is located at the same folder as index.html

Name - name of the transaction

Count - the number of times this transactions was executed

Min - the minimum duration time in seconds of this transaction among all the times it was executed.

Avg - the average duration time in seconds of this transaction.

Max - the maximum duration time in seconds of this transaction among all the times it was executed.

Last-Run - the last date in which this transaction was executed.

Now I will run the same scenario with the following changes:

  • Add sleep 1000 ms for the Tr-Login transaction.
  • Add sleep 2000 ms at the Tr-Clicks transaction.
  • Comment out the Tr-Logout transaction.

The summary file:

Now the count of Tr-Login and Tr-Clicks increased by 1 and the Min,Avg,Max and Latest-Run values changed as well.

Tr-Logout stayed the same (because it wasn't executed).


  • A transaction must start with StartTransaction(name) and end with EndTransaction(name) commands, where the name parameter is the same.
  • When more than one StartTransaction(name)  are executed with the same name, only the first one will start a transaction.
  • The time units for minimum, average and the maximum duration of a transaction is in Seconds.
  • In case, same transaction name appears more than once at the same scenario, each transaction (scenario segment) will be counted as separated, 
    and it's statistics will be added to the transactions summary csv file.
  • When a transaction is started but there is no corresponding EndTransaction which ends it, the transaction will end implicitly at the end of the test, when the generateReport method is called.
  • Nesting of transactions are allowed.
  • The transactions_summary.csv can be opened with a spreadsheet editor for further processing.

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