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You can set the Object/Element's properties to be identified by Text Recognition. This is an image based recognition that uses the OCR (Optical Character recognition) algorithm to extract text from an image.


As this is an image based recognition, it is not recommended and should only be used only as backup.

To enable text recognition for an element on the Object Repository:

Step 1: Extract the element to the repository.

Step 2: Edit the element in the repository.


We will enable the text recognition properties for the 'Username' Text Field. The element is already in the Object Repository.

  1. Right click on the 'Username' Object and click on 'Edit Element'.
  2. Click on the "Text" tab and check the 'Enable' checkbox.
  3. Click on the 'Refresh' button to automatically get the text from the object's image.


In some cases, the use of a color filter will be needed to get the text from the element.

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