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Appium is an open source automation tool for testing mobile applications. It allows you to perform, simulate and test actions that a user might perform while using the applications. Such actions include clicking on elements, sending input data, swiping, scrolling, raising the volume, clicking the home button, you name it. The list is endless. Consider Appium as that user who tries to do everything with the app (even things that the app was not designed for) and finds all the little annoying bugs and inconsistencies. You use Appium so that your user will eventually have the best and smoothest experience using your app. Appium is so robust that it lets you test native applications, web applications (actual websites) and hybrid applications (those that combine native and web).

Continuous Testing goes hand in hand with Appium. You can write your tests using Appium or grab your existing tests and run them against our cloud devices. See below for sample tests written in several programming languages:

Before you proceed with fetching the sample tests, you will have to do two more things, very simple but important ones:

  1. If you plan to test a native or hybrid app - Upload your app to your project
  2. Obtaining Access Key

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