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When executing automated tests using Appium, you might come across issues where tests never make it to the execution phase. In such cases, tests will time out.

When a test is queued and awaits execution, you will see it in the queued section of the notifications bar.

However, the test might not make to the execution phase. Below we list a few reasons why this might happen.

  1. Incorrect Capabilities

    Passing correct and valid Appium capabilities is a crucial part of making sure tests will be executed as intended. Make sure that you passed device setup capabilities correctly, without any typos etc. 
  2. Device in Use

    If you set the capabilities such that the test would run a specific device, it is possible that the device will be used by someone else when you attempt to execute the tests. If the device is not released during the queued test phase, the test will timeout and fail. Make sure that the device you want to test on is available. To be sure, reserve the device if you know that you will be executing the test at a fixed time.
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