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Access to Device Settings

To make sure our devices stay intact, we restrict access to device settings by default. 

If you try to launch device settings (iOS or Android) the application will be blocked from launching. 

Access to device settings is reserved to paying users only. If you wish to be granted access to device settings, consider purchasing one of our plans.

In special cases, and according with requirements, we might grant access to device settings upon request. If you are not a paying user and you wish to access device settings, please contact us. We reserve the right to grant or deny access to device settings.d

Restricted Applications

Our system blocks a variety of applications according to standard security considerations. Any attempt to install such restrict applications will result in immediate removal from our system.

Installing Applications not from the App Store or Google Play

We cannot guarantee the successful installation of applications that were obtained from sources other than App Store or Google Play.

In many cases, applications are configured such that they are only allowed to be installed and launched on specific devices and under specific developer licenses.

We recommend that you upload and install applications that were built in debug configurations. See below to learn how to produce Android or iOS applications in debug configuration:

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