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This command allows you to execute device commands without having to specify key codes.





ActionstringThe action to execute


You can use the deviceAction command to perform various actions on the device, actions that either require you to specify key code or require physical access to the device.


DeviceAction Command Usage
driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL(""), dc);
seetest = new SeeTestClient(driver);


//show the list of recent apps
seetest.deviceAction("Recent Apps");

List of Supported Actions

  • Home- Click the Home button

  • Back - Click the Back button

  • Power - Click on Power key

  • Landscape- Change orientation to landscape mode

  • Portrait - Change orientation to portrait mode

  • Change Orientation - Toggle orientation

  • Menu - Click the Menu button

  • Unlock - Unlock the device

  • Wake - Wakes the device
  • Paste - Paste text from clipboard

  • Volume Up - Click Volume Up button

  • Volume Down - Click Volume Down button

  • Recent Apps - Show recent apps

  • Backspace - Simulate backspace button

  • Enter - Simulate enter button

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