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The Jenkins Plugin is the ultimate solution for the Jenkins CI environment, which would like to automate mobile application tests on both Android and iOS platforms.

It provides integration abilities with SeeTest SaaS and on-premise environments.

The main features of the Jenkins Plugin:

  1. Upload Application. Ability to upload applications from Jenkins to SeeTest Cloud.
  2. Execute XCUItest and Espresso tests. easily execute your XCUITest and Espresso tests on the cloud's real and virtual devices.


After installing the plugin, check the option "Connect to Experitest Cloud API" in your build environment:


Then, you can add the Experitest's cloud URL and Access Key on which you would like to execute.

After you've configured the build environment, you'll be able to upload applications to the Experitest cloud and execute XCUItest and Espresso tests through your CI pipeline.

Uploading Application to Experitest cloud

You can add a build step: Upload application to Cloud and specify the path to your application

Advanced options:

  • Provide UUID (Optional for iOS)
  • Provide a unique app name
  • Include touchID libraries and allow mocking fingerprint authentication
  • Include Camera libraries and allow simulating camera options
  • Custom Keystore (Optional for Android)
  • Allow resigning of application (Optional for iOS)

Execute XCUITest and Espresso Tests

You can add a build step: "Execute XCUITest or Espresso tests" and provide some parameters in order to execute XCUITest or Espresso tests on real devices/virtual devices located in Experitest's cloud.


  • Framework Type: select Espresso or XCUItest
  • Running type: Select Fast Feedback or Coverage.
    • Fast Feedback - Get results for all the tests as soon as possible (will utilize all the devices that match the device query)
    • Coverage - Will run all  the tests once on every device in the device query (you can write more than one query)
  • The application under test - Provide a path to the application location
  • Test Application - the test application (containing all the tests)
  • Device Query - List of strings (XPath queries). The tests will run on devices that match the provided query (1 device per query).
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