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The cloud platform gives you access to remote testing if you specify your username and password in the Desired Capabilities. But you probably don't want your password (or any password for that matter) lying around in your code. For this purpose, we created the access key. Specify the access key in the set of test capabilities to gain access to remote testing.

In the Experitest cloud platform, Click on your profile → Get Access Key. 

After the clicking on Get Access Key, on the displayed popup, copy the access key to clipboard as shown below to obtain the Access Key.

Once you have obtained the access key, add it to the Desired Capabilities as shown in the code snippets below in different languages.

Set Experitest Url

Please make sure you replace<EXPERITEST_URL> with appropriate URL in the code snippets below.

  • For SeeTest cloud, EXPERITEST_URL needs to be
  • For Dedicated Experitest Lab, EXPERITEST_URL needs to be your own domain. e.g -
String accessKey = "<Your Access Key>"
dc.setCapability("accessKey", accessKey);
driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL("<EXPERITEST_URL>"),dc);
C Sharp
string accessKey = "<Your Access Key>"
dc.SetCapability("accessKey", accessKey);
driver = new AndroidDriver<AndroidElement>(new Uri("<EXPERITEST_URL>"), dc);
accesskey = '<Your Access Key>'
self.dc['accessKey'] = self.accessKey
self.driver = webdriver.Remote('<EXPERITEST_URL>', self.dc)

desired_caps = {
        caps: {
			accessKey: '<Your Access Key>',
		  appium_lib: {
              server_url: '<EXPERITEST_URL>',