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A performance report is available when executing a transaction. The report contains the following measurements:

  1. Duration - the transaction durations in milliseconds.
  2. Memory - Average and maximum values for the transaction.
  3. Battery - Average and maximum values for the transaction.
  4. CPU - Average and maximum values for the transaction.
  5. Network - Total of Uploaded/Downloaded KBs during the transaction.
  6. Speed Index - provides a computed overall score of how quickly the final content was painted.

For selenium tests, only Speed Index and Duration information is available

To enable Speed Index calculation on your system please contact Experitest Support. 

Report data:

  1. The upper left-hand side is the transaction name and application data (name and version)
  2. The upper right-hand side is in accordance with the type of test.
    1. Mobile test -  the device information (name, model, OS, Resolution and Network Profile)
    2. Selenium test - selenium session information (browser name, browser version, and OS) 
  3. The rectangles on the right show the measurements of the transaction

Downloading HAR file

At the top press the 'more' symbol in order to open the menu. Click on 'Download .HAR File' to start the download.

HAR file is available only for mobile tests

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