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You can use Java without plugins \ frameworks.


Using plain java testing is not recommended (for scale-ability reasons).

This API can be used to create a composition, or simply to create unsupported plugins.


  • Create a test
  • Add attachments (PDF, HTML reports) to the test
  • Add test tags

Simple Example
public class PlainJavaExample {

    static {
        System.setProperty("manager.url", "localhost:9011");
        System.setProperty("manager.url", "<Cloud url>:<reverse proxy port>/reporter");// in case using Reporter that configure to a single port cloud		
		System.setProperty("manager.accesskey", "accesskey"); // in case using Reporter that configure to a cloud

    public static void main(String[] args) {
     	ManagerPublisher managerPublisher = PManager.createManagerPublisher("test name");

        managerPublisher.addProperty("key1", "value1");
        managerPublisher.addProperty("test-version", "24");
        managerPublisher.addReportFolder(new File("/path/to/file"));

		// mark test as finished
		// since all network request is async
		// call .waitForPublish() to wait for 
		// all the request to finish