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The SeeTest Reporter provides you with a Rest API that gives you direct access to the test data and statistics. some of these commands can be done in the reporter web portal. 

The user performing the Rest Operation is authorized by the 'Authorization' header of type 'Bearer' by Access Key.

For more information please visit How To Execute Rest API, for a detailed example.

The following sections provide details in the usage of these APIs.

Supported Rest API

  1. Keys
  2. Projects
  3. Support Data 
  4. Tests
  5. TestView
  6. Transactions


  1. Key - Key and value construct a tag. Each test has a subset of available tags with various values that describe the test specifics. Example: date.
  2. Project - Concept derived from the cloud. Each project has it's own resources (users, devices) and can be used to created separation of testing efforts.
  3. Test - Single test execution instance


If the SeeTest Reporter server is configured to be secured, you will need to authenticate all the requests to the server.

We support 2 authentication methods:

Basic Authentication

Add the authentication headers as follows:

Authentication: Basic < Base64 encoded <username>:<password> >
ReporterProject: <project name>

Access Key

Generate access from SeeTest Cloud.

This key identifies the user and its project.

For additional information about generating access keys in the SeeTest Cloud, visit this link.

Add the token to your request as follows:

Authentication: Bearer <access key>

The examples below use the Unirest HTTP library.  To compile and run them, use the following Maven dependency:

Maven dependency