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(String Zone, String SearchElement, String Direction, int Offset, int SwipeTime, String ElementFindZone, String ElementToFind, int ElementToFindIndex, int Delay, int Rounds, Boolean Click)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Swipe inside a component to search for an element or text.


  • Zone - Zone of the container element
  • SearchElement - The container element identifier
  • Direction - Direction to swipe
  • Offset - Swipe offset
  • Swipe Time – Time for the swipe action
  • Element to find Zone - Zone of the sought element
  • Element to find - The sought element identifier
  • Element to Find Index – The sought element’s index (i.e., the number of times the element appears after the first appearance minus two). Index=0 refers to the first appearance of the element; Index=1 refers to the second appearance of the element, etc.
  • Delay - Time to wait before sending a command (in milliseconds)
  • Rounds - Maximum swipe rounds
  • Click - Click the found element if TRUE


Scenario: In this example, we will use the ElementSwipeWhileNotFound command to scroll down in the IMDB application menu, and select the "History" option.

Note: The list does not cover the entire screen. So using SeeTestAutomation - SwipeWhileNotFound command may not work on some devices.


  • Component Zone: Will be set to NATIVE
  • Component Element: will be set to id=nav_drawer (This will identify the menu object itself, where the swipe action is going to be performed).
  • Direction: Down
  • Offset: 0
  • Swipe Time: 2000
  • Element Find Zone: NATIVE
  • Element To Find: will be set to text=History (The command will swipe the menu container until this object is found).
  • Element To Find Index: 0
  • Delay: 1000
  • Rounds: 5
  • Click: true (will click the "History" object once it is found).


List will be scrolled to the bottom until Label History is found.

Once found it will be clicked

Code Examples

Java Example
if(client.elementSwipeWhileNotFound("NATIVE", "id=nav_drawer", "Down", 0, 2000, "NATIVE", "text=History", 0, 1000, 5, true)){
// If statement
C# Example
if(client.ElementSwipeWhileNotFound("NATIVE", "id=nav_drawer", "Down", 0, 2000, "NATIVE", "text=History", 0, 1000, 5, true))
// If statement
VBScript Example
If StrComp (client.ElementSwipeWhileNotFound ( "NATIVE", "id=nav_drawer", "Down", 0, 2000, "NATIVE", "text=History", 0, 1000, 5, true ), "True") = 0 Then
	'If statement
End If
Python Example
if(self.client.elementSwipeWhileNotFound("NATIVE", "id=nav_drawer", "Down", 0, 2000, "NATIVE", "text=History", 0, 1000, 5, True)):
# If statement
Perl Example
if($client->elementSwipeWhileNotFound("NATIVE", "id=nav_drawer", "Down", 0, 2000, "NATIVE", "text=History", 0, 1000, 5, 1)){
# If statement
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