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The command gives the ability to set the network connection for a device.

Execute any of the following connection types:
airplane_mode, wifi, mobile_data, bluetooth

Note: Bluetooth is only supported for Android 5.* and above.


  • airplane_mode
  • wifi
  • mobile_data
  • bluetooth


client.setNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", true);
client.setNetworkConnection("mobile_data", true);
client.setNetworkConnection("wifi", true);
client.setNetworkConnection("bluetooth", true);

Code Examples

Java Example
client.setNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", true);
C# Example
client.SetNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", true);
VBScript Example
client.SetNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", true)
Python Example
 self.client.setNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", True)
Perl Example
$client->setNetworkConnection("airplane_mode", 1);

Note: Some Xiaomi devices with Android 6 and MIUI 9 Xiaomi have added their own permission manager. It needs to be disabled to use this command.

In order to do disable Permission Manager:

  1. Turn off MIUI optimization under Developer options.
  2. Reboot the device.
  3. Under Settings go to Permissions.
  4. Click on the gear icon.
  5. Turn off the Permission Manager.
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