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The Test notifications bar allows you to keep track of the status of automated tests that you run in the cloud.

The notifications bar lists two type of statuses:

Queued Test 

These are tests that await execution. All tests enter the queue before being executed. A test will normally move to the running list unless conditions do not allow it to start running. For example, a test might be configured to run on a specific device but the at the time of initiating the test, the device was already taken. To view the list of the last five tests that entered the queue, open notification bar and click on 'Queued Tests' tab.

To view the full list of tests in the queue, click on View All.

Running Tests

These are tests that moved from the queue and started running. To view the last five tests that started running, click on the running monitor icon.

To view the full list of running tests, click on View All.

Test Results

After a test has finished running a report is generated and added to the list of reports. To view reports of the tests, click on "Reports" in the notification bar. To view a specific report, select the report from the table and open it.

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