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Transaction View can be used to view all the recorded performance transactions.

View transactions

To view the transactions click on the Transactions link in the SeeTest Reporter.


To filter records you can add new items in the filter bar:

After you select the property to be used in the filter item, a list of available values is shown:

Selecting the desired value to add the new filter item to the filter bar and data is filtered accordingly:


You can add filter items as many as you want, each new item is connected to previous ones with AND connector.

To remove a filter item simply click on the "x" icon.


To sort by a measure simply click on the column's header:

To change sort direction click header again.


You can move to next and previous page, jump to a specific page and adjust the page size with the paginator located at the bottom of the screen:

Open transaction

Clicking on the selected row will open the transaction report

Download Filtered Transactions

In the top right side of the screen, you can click the export button. Clicking it will download a CSV file containing the filtered transactions.


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