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Users can see first hand how our system works, what is required in terms of code and capabilities.

Users have the option to run sample tests on either native or web applications and they can do so with a combination of languages and frameworks,

and see the result within 5 minutes.

Page Navigation

Click on the 'Automation' button in the main navigation bar.

Select Mobile/Web mode

The user is able to select Mobile or Browser mode.

Mobile Mode configuration

Configuration for Mobile Mode:

  • OS - iOS/Android
  • Phone Platform - Phone/Tablet
  • App Type - Native/Web
  • Version -  available versions

Web Mode configuration

Configuration for Web Mode:

  • Browser Type - Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE
  • Version -  available versions
  • Desktop OS - available OS

Code Export

The User is able to view the demo code that matches his configuration and his user profile,

and able to select the code language, test framework, and test dependencies.

The button "copy to clipboard" is for copying the script in the Code Export dialog so that the user can paste the code and run it locally on their IDE.

Test Execution

Run a demo test with the user configuration.

The scripts for mobile native include the installation of the EriBank Application

  • Android - com.experitest.ExperiBank/.LoginActivity
  • iOS - com.experitest.ExperiBank

If the application is not on the user project, there will be a popup dialog requesting permission to upload the application to the user project

If the user clicks on the 'OK' button, the application will be uploaded to the user's project and the test will be executed.

If the application is already on the user project, the test will be executed immediately.

The User can see the test running on "Execution" page.

Test Result

The user can see the test flow and it results in the navigation bar.

And see the report in "Reports" page (provided the reporter is configured).

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