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Setting range.

To open the data range selection dialog click on the "Add or change data range" button () in the filter bar:

Then select the desired range:

Clicking on the calendar button () or selecting the input box the calendar is shown:

 button applies the range creating new filter item(s) or updating existing filter item(s),  clears the range removing filter item(s) if any,

For example, selecting this date range:

Results in this filter items:

You can remove any of the items using the "x" button.

Date range persistence.

Date range persists at session level: Selected range is applied to new test views or when switching between test views but if you close the tab or log out Reporter the range is lost.

If you save a test-view with a date range, it'll be saved to the DB as part of the test-view and will be restored when you will open that test view again.

Note that you can select "date" and filter by such property in "View By" panel, for example (note the orange border on panel and filter item) independent from the selected range using "Add or change data range":

Such filter is persisted in the database as any other user set filter.

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