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Email Configuration requires an additional license

Cloud administrators can get email notifications every time a cloud event occurs. Emails will be sent when cloud events of the following type are created:

  1. Device Host Machine Status Change
  2. Device Status Change

To Configure Email Notifications

Step 1:  Login to Cloud Web UI as administrator.


Step 2:  Go to: More -> Email Server. In the Server Configuration section:


Step 3:  Ensure that the Allow outgoing Emails check box is checked.

Step 4: Configure Your outgoing email server details.


Step 5: Enter an email address in "Send As" field (optional). That email address will appear as the sender in all the emails sent to the cloud.

Step 6:   In the Credentials section, Configure email account details from which notifications will be sent.


Step 7: Click  Save+Send Email button.


Step 8: Go to: More -> Users. 


Step 9:   Ensure that all users have email.

These email addresses will be used to send email notifications. All users with administrator role will get email notifications when cloud events occur.

A user with "admin" as his username will not receive an email notification. The "admin" is an initial user that should be used to create real users.

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