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Restricting the Install/Uninstall buttons

In the Cloud UI - Apps Page, to Show Install/Uninstall buttons to Cloud Admin only, put the following in cloudserver.conf.xml  (a change in this value requires a restart)


If this flag is set to true, Project Admins and normal users will not see these buttons.

If this flag is not mentioned or is set to false, all users will see these buttons.

The application can be installed only on Available devices (devices that are online and not reserved) OR on current user reserved devices.

Install from application Page:

Step 1:   Import the application on the application page. 


Step 2:  Choose an application and click on Install.


Step 3:    Choose one or several devices to install the application on them.

 The devices which are available for the installation are devices which are not reserved for anyone else in the next 5 minutes.
 All devices can be chosen with the checkbox in the column header. 


Step 4:    Click  Confirm.

 The application list is displayed again. The selected devices will be reserved for five minutes and released after installation is over (existing reservations won't be affected by the installation). 

The number of tokens won't be affected by the reservation.

The devices will be reserved even if a maximum number of reservations is exceeded, however usual reservations won't be allowed until the installation is over and the selected devices are released.

Step 5:    To check the status of the installation, go to Cloud Events screen:

         Go to More ->Diagnose. Cloud events are displayed at the bottom of the page.

     When application installation is finished, there should be new events about installation result.

One event is created for each device after the installation process.
Cloud events can be filtered by type, here only Application Management events are displayed. 

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