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To use SeeTestCloud you need to have a SeeTestCloud Server License.

SeeTestCloud can host SeeTestAutomation licenses (since version 10.4).

Users can occupy multiple instances of the licenses, to allow parallel execution capabilities.

The new license model as introduced in version 11.0:

Development License
NumberMaximum number of concurrent SeeTestAutomation for Automation Web sessions and SeeTest/Appium Studio on the cloud.
Manual License NumberMaximum number of the concurrent Manual for Web sessions on the cloud.
Mobile Execution
NumberMaximum number of concurrent running test requests on the cloud.
Max Available DevicesNumber

Maximum number of devices that can be connected to the cloud


Maximum number of the concurrent running tests on desktop browsers.

Network virtualizationBooleanNetwork Virtualization enables you to simulate real network conditions and disruptions
Max NV DevicesNumberNumber of devices that can be enabled and used concurrently under network virtualization
Admin PackageBoolean

Support for the Admin module. Enables projects creation and user roles, along with automatic email notifications for monitoring or events handling:

  1. Projects and Users roles - Have the ability to create projects and assign users to roles

  2. Email/Broadcasting - Send automatic email notifications to cloud users, or integrate with a system monitoring tool to handle system alerts.

  3. Advanced Cloud Reporting - Analyze your lab utilization, receive detailed reports on users and devices of your cloud.

  4. Restrictions and Clean-up - Restrict user access/actions and clean up after usage

  5. Cloud API - Support creation/deletion and update of entities using STC API

LDAP and Security PackageBoolean

The security package targets security-sensitive customers. Following are the features in this package:

  1. LDAP - Active Directory Integration - Manage your cloud users from LDAP/Active directory - customize rules for LDAP user management, sync with LDAP server

  2. SSL - All the communication to the service is secured using SSL



SeeTest reporter is a BI system for QA organizations, it collects all of your testing data and tries to provide you with a view of the quality of the application or service under test.

It also helps you in the process of analyzing the execution and identifies the root cause of the issues that failed.

Network TunnelingBooleanNetwork Tunnel allows you to access web resources located on your local network from a Cloud mobile device.

Notes :

Automation licenses can be used as Grid licenses (but not vice versa)
Automation licenses can be used as Manual licenses (but not vice versa)

A Cloud with the old license model will not be able to use SeeTestAutomation for web or the Eclipse add-on.

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