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Step 1: Open the Server web-based management tool.

  1. Open your preferred browser
  2. From any computer, enter the URL  "http://<Server Machine's IP>:<port>" (or "http://localhost:<port>" on the server itself) where <port> is the connectivity port for the Cloud server which was specified during installation (the default is 80).

Step 2: Login as an administrator

  1. Username - admin
  2. Password - admin

Step 3: Enter the 'Users' page

Cloud Administrators are marked with a star in the first column.

Others users (Project Administrators and Users) can have different roles in different projects (since 9.5)

Add a New User

Step 1: Click on 'Create' button

Step 2: Enter the user's Username (that will be identifying this user when accessing the server)

Step 3: Enter the user's first & last name

Step 4: Enter the user's Email address

Step 5: Enter the user's Role (User / Project Administrator / Cloud Administrator) 

Cloud Administrator is a project independent role - Cloud Administrator is always assigned to Default project and can manage cross-project settings.

User / Project Administrator roles - are project specific roles. Users may have different roles in different projects.

Step 6: Select project

If User / Project Administrator role was chosen in the previous step - then the project may be selected.

The user will be created and assigned to a single chosen project with the selected role.

Users can be assigned to additional projects. See Manage Project Users 

Authentication Type

There can be also the Authentication Type field displayed. Depending on the Cloud configuration it can contain the following options

  • BASIC - username + password authentication, always available. The field is not displayed if that's the only enabled choice
  • Two Factor - username + password and additional confirmation using the mobile application, like Google Authenticator. Please see Cloud Security for more information
  • SSO - please see Single Sign-On Integration for more information

Edit an Existing User

Step 1: Click on the user's line you wish to edit

Step 2: Click on 'Edit'.

Step 3: Change the properties you wish to edit

Role of an existing user cannot be changed from Cloud Administrator to another role.

Role of an existing user cannot be changed to Cloud Administrator from another role.

Changing roles

Cloud Administrators cannot change the role of the user by editing a user, because the users may have different roles in different projects. In order to manage user roles - refer to Manage Project Users

Project Administrators can change the role of users by editing user - the role of a user will be changed in the current project.

Delete a User

Step 1: Click on the user's line you wish to delete

Step 2: A popup window will open - click 'Delete'

Lock a User

Locking a user will disable the user option to log in or perform actions at the cloud.

Unlocking a user is done by reset the user's password.

Locking a user will release all the user's active sessions and will release those sessions devices.

Step 1: Click on the user's line you wish to lock

Step 2: Click on 'Lock User'. A pop-up window will open - click 'Lock'

Assign and Unassign user

Assign and unassign users to project through user info panel

Step 1: Click on the user's line you wish to assign/unassign.

Step 2: The info panel will open as below.

To assign click on "Add" button.

To unassign click on the "trash"  button.

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