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You can see a list of Selenium sessions, SeeTest Automation and SeeTest Manual tools that are currently connected to Cloud.

Step 1:  Go to More→ Diagnose Current Sessions.

List of all connected sessions is displayed.

Following columns are displayed:

1) Machine ID includes machine's IP and MAC addresses where SeeTest Automation or SeeTest Manual is installed.

2) Project - the project in which the user is connected with.

2) Username and hostname that was used in SeeTest in order to connect to the cloud server, separated with '@'.

3) Product - can be SeeTest Automation or SeeTest Manual

4) Version of SeeTest Automation or SeeTest Manual

5) Restricted - true if evaluation or trial version of a product is used. false - if a licensed version of the product is used. The number of concurrent connected restricted users is limited by MAX_CLIENTS license parameter (See License Information page).

6) Last Connection - Last time that SeeTest reported about the connection to a cloud server. When SeeTest does not report about connection during 2 minutes - connected session row disappears from the table.

7) Actions - force logs out. Force Logout action appears on for products with version 8.6 and above.

How to force log out SeeTest session

Cloud Administrator can force log out connected SeeTest session. (SeeTest Automation for Desktop/Web, SeeTest Manual for Web)

Click on the Settings tab, then on Sessions in the left panel:


Click on the Disconnect button in the corresponding connected session (note that only SeeTest sessions of version 8.6 or above can be disconnected in this way).


Click 'Disconnect'.


A success message is displayed and SeeTest session will log out from cloud server during 2-3 minutes.

SeeTest logged out from a cloud server, and connected session disappeared from connected sessions list.

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