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Device Groups are containers that hold groups of devices.

A cloud device can belong to several groups simultaneously.

A cloud project can have one Device Group assigned. The project's devices are defined as the devices that are in the project's Device Group.

Every Device Group has the following properties:

  • Name - the name of the device group
  • Automatic Add - when this flag is set, every new device connected to the cloud will automatically be added to the group
  • The set of associated devices

Two special device groups are as follows:

  • The "Default" group:  this group is automatically associated with every new project if no other group has been assigned to it.  This group has "Automatic Add" set.
  • The "Cleanup Group": this group contains the devices that are currently undergoing device cleanup.  It is associated with the Cleanup project.

These two groups cannot be removed or renamed.

The "Default" project is usually associated with a group called "Default". It is distinct from the "Default" group mentioned above.

Default initial configuration for device groups:

When upgrading the Cloud Server from a pre-11.3 version to 11.3, the following default configuration is created automatically:

  1. The special device group "Cleanup Group" is created with all devices of the cleanup project, and associated to the cleanup project.
  2. For every other project, a group is created for the project (with the same name +" group"), associated with it, and contains its devices.

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