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There is an option to switch SIM card of devices using the SeeTest Cloud and QUALIGON Matrix SIM Switchbox (MSSB).


  • DHM - device host machine that will be connected to an MSSB device.
  • MSSB device - a QUALIGON Matrix SIM Switchbox device that is about to be connected to a DHM.
  • Device terminal - an RJ 11  port that can be connected to a device's sim slot.
  • Sim slot - a slot in the MSSB device that can be placed with a sim card.

Restrictions :

  • A device that is connected to a device terminal must be connected to the MSSB device DHM.
  • Only a single MSSB device can be connected to each DHM.
  • Sim card's name is unique in the MSSB device context - meaning more the one sim name can be "Europe" for example as long as they are on different MSSB devices.

Connecting MSSB device to a DHM:

  1. Connect the MSSB device to the DHM using USB cable and make sure the device is responding:

    1. Make sure the device is recognized as a COM port in the device manager, if not make sure the FTDI drivers are installed
    2. Open your favorite terminal application ( Putty,termite.).
    3. Create  a new connection to the MSSB device's COM port with the following parameters:
      1. 2400 Baud rate.
      2. 8 data bits
      3. odd parity.
      4. 1 stop bit
      5. append \r\n.
    4. If your application can send hexadecimal numbers send the command 0x41,
      If not send the char 'A'.
      A result that is similar this should appear :
  2. Navigate to The DHM edit page
    Resources --> Host Machines --> DHM -->Edit
  3. Select the MSSB support check box.
  4. The Cloud server will scan the DHM for available COM ports and will display the result.
    select the correct COM port and save.
  5. Upon selecting the DHM in the info panel on the right side you will see a button named "Configure Mssb"
  6. Connect devices that connected to the DHM to the MSSB device using the SIM connector.

Configuring the MSSB:

To configure MSSB device open the DHM's MSSB  config by:
Resources --> Host Machines --> press the DHM --> press the "Configure Mssb" in the info panel on the right side.

Adding Sim cards

  1. Press "Add Sim" button.
  2. A new empty line will be available.
  3. Press the Edit button to edit the Sim data.

    Only available Sim slot number will be visible.

  4. Save.

Adding Device Terminal :

  1. Press "Add Device" button.
  2. A new empty line will be available
  3. Press the Edit button to edit the Device terminal data.

    Only devices for the of the relevant DHM will be visible in the devices list

    Only available terminal slot number will be visible.

  4. Save.

Load And unloading sims:

To load a sim to a device terminal select a sim card in the sim action column combo box and press "Load Sim" button

To unload a sim from a device terminal press "Unload Sim" button.

Pay attention that if you will try loading a sim to a device terminal that is already loaded with a sim, the previous sim will be unloaded prior to the sim loading.

Pay attention that if you will try loading a sim that is already loaded to another device terminal, the sim will be unloaded before loading it to the desired device terminal.

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