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This section will include instructions for setting up the Cloud system.

The first thing you should do is have at least 1 Device Host Machine and 1 Cloud Server machine, to which you should Download and launch the Cloud installation file.


On MacOS and Windows, the Cloud Server Machine can also be a Device Host machine. You can do this by checking both in the installation process.

Cloud setup configuration best practices

  1. Verify that the Device Host Machines have the needed range of ports open (or disable the firewall).
  2. Disable the option of the Device Host Machines from going into sleep.
  3. Better use physical machines and not virtual machines (as a virtual machine add some delay to the USB).
  4. Use Ethernet connection (and not Wi-Fi) both on the Device Host Machines side, on the Cloud Server Machine and on the User Machines side.
  5. Make sure the Device Host Machine has the required software for the devices connected to it (e.g. USB drivers, iTunes) as detailed in the Connect Device section (Android or iOS)

Cloud setup includes the following stages:

  1. Cloud Server set-up
  2. Devices Host Machine set-up
  3. Devices set-up
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