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The right-hand panel in the device reflection screen allows you to perform different actions on the mobile device.

The actions are:

  1. Home Button  - Go back to home screen
  2. Unlock - Unlocks the device
  3. Rotate - Rotates the device orientation (Portrait -> Landscape)
  4. Volume Up - Increase  the device volume
  5. Volume Down - Decrease the device volume
  6. Power - Simulates a click on the power button (locks the device)
  7. Reboot - Reboots the device
  8. Close App- Closes the current application
  9. Screen Settings- Allows to set the device's screen quality and refresh rate
  10. Zoom Function - Zoom in to see a magnified version of the device screen
  11. Remove Frame - Remove the device frame leaving only the device screen

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