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Welcome to the Manual Testing documentation.

Manual Testing is a productivity tool by Experitest that allows you to perform and document manual testing on real physical Android and iOS devices.

Experitest's Manual Testing lets you interact with remote devices as if they were in your hand, or connected locally to your machine. In a development and testing environment device shortage is a common problem. With Experitest's Manual Testing you don't have to look further than your own machine. Simply log into the device lab and choose whatever device and os version that you require, iOS or Android. The idea is to free you, the developer or tester, from the need to look for devices to work with. It enables you to quickly and efficiently open devices from the device lab and start working with them immediately. 

Manual Testing Capabilities

  1. Installing applications.
  2. Full control over the device, including device actions and settings
  3. Dynamically reserving and releasing devices

Benefits of Manual Testing

  1. No need to keep, maintain and look for devices - all the devices you will ever need are located in the device lab.
  2. No special hardware or software is required - simply log in to the device lab using any supported browser and start working with the devices.
  3. Install, test and debug your applications on remote devices.
  4. Operating System dependency eliminated - work with and test on iOS devices from a Windows machine. 

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