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How to install the Network Virtualization Server 

Step 1: Login as root user to the Linux server (type 'su')

 Step 2: Download the software installer to any folder on your Linux Hard-Disk. Download link


Assuming the installer file is called and it has been downloaded to the /tmp/ folder

Step 3: Open terminal

Step 4: Type 'cd /tmp'

 Step 5: Type 'chmod +x'

 Step 6: Type './' to run the installer

 Step 7: Follow the installer steps

    1. Press Next
    2. Click on "I accept the agreement" and then click Next
    3. Click Next
    4. Select the Uplink Ethernet port name from the drop-down list. 
      Select the name of the Ethernet port to which the Wi-Fi AP is connected. 
      Select the port number the NV server will use to communicate with the Cloud.
      Select the port number of the NV proxy server. This is optional. If you leave this empty, no NV proxy server will be installed.
      Press Next.

      Consult your network administrator in order to know which Ethernet interfaces to select.
      Type 'ifconfig' to see all defined network interfaces.
      In most cases the Ethernet interface that has an IP-Address configured, is the uplink Ethernet interface and the Ethernet interface without IP-Address is the Wifi AP interface.
    5. Press Next, it will install the software. When it completes, press Next.
    6. Press Finish. By default this will reboot the machine. Reboot is required in order to complete the installation. Without reboot, the software will not work.

      To finish the installation process without reboot, uncheck the Reboot checkbox.
      Make sure to reboot the machine later in order to complete the installation process.

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