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Note:  This optional procedure is only required if you have decided to generate your own Apple Developer Profile. Alternatively, you can  go to a third party website ( ) and enter your UDID and details. You will receive a DEF (Device Enablement File) which you can then use instead of the Apple Developer Profile.

To generate a developer profile on a Mac Machine with access to XCode:

Step 1: Open Xcode and go to preferences:

Step 2: In the preferences dialog choose Accounts:



This should be a developer account that the UDID of the device is included with.

Step 3: At the bottom of the dialog click the gear icon and choose Export Accounts.

Step 4: In the opened dialog - enter the exported files name and the password to encrypt the exported file. You will need this password when importing the exported data.

Step 5: During the export process you may be warned about private keys being exported. Please approve the operation.

Step 6: After this step - transfer the exported file to the Windows machine

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