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You can run SeeTestAutomation scripts from IBM Rational (RFT). To do so, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create a new Functional Test Project

Step 2: Set the project classpath:

  1. Open the project properties (right-click on the project)
  2. Select 'Java Build Path' and then the 'Libraries' tab:
  3. Click on 'Add External JARs…
  4. In the SeeTestAutomation installation directory under client\java select all the JARs (C:\Program Files\Experitest\SeeTest) 

Step 3: Create Helper Superclass:

  1. Go to File -> New -> Helper Superclass
  2. Name the Superclass SeeTestAutomation Script and put it under a folder named 'mobile':
  3. Paste the code found under client\RFT\ file into the new Superclass
  4. Change the name of the first package from 'Resources' to the 'mobile'.

Step 4: Create a new Test

  1. Right-click on the test folder and select 'Add Empty Script',  set the script name and click Next.
  2. Set the 'Helper Superclass' to the new superclass:

Step 5: Export code and Run script

  1. In SeeTestAutomation select 'RFT' as the code export environment and copy the script code:
  2. In RFT, in the newly created script right-click and select 'Insert Java Code Snippet'. You can set the name of the snippet
  3. Save the script.
  4. In the new script move to the 'Java' tab and paste the SeeTestAutomation-generated code into the ‘Add your code here’ location.
  5. Now you can run the test from RFT.

Step 6: After the execution finishes you should see the RFT html log with the SeeTestAutomation commands information:



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