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To create a new project:

Step 1: Open the workspace that contains your application's project.

Step 2: Create a new project.

  1. Select ‘BlackBerry Project’ as the project type.
  2. Name your new project ( ‘ExperitestLib’), Click Next.
  3. Select ‘Library Project’ and click ‘Finish’.

Step 3: Add a compiled JAR file to the project (First download the ExperitestBBLib.jar from this Link)

  1.  In the navigation pane, select the project.
  2. On the Build menu, select Project > Add File to Project.
  3. Select the appropriate JAR file and click Open.

  4. Go to the ‘Order and Export’ tab and check the imported Jar file for export.

  5. Verify that the new project is using the right Java version

Step 4: Add the new project to your application project

  1. Open your project properties and import the new project into your dependent projects tab.

Step 5: Code changes need to be added into the application

 You will need to add 2 lines of code, one into the ‘main’ method and the other into the ‘exit’ or ‘close’ methods.


Step 6: UI extension for non-standards UI elements

If you have a non-standards UI elements you can add an extension like in the following example:

Step 7: Application installation - use the Application manager

  1. Open the application manager
  2. Import the application file
  3. Install on the device


For further information go to Application Manager

  1. If you have a previous installation of your application on the device please uninstall them first.
  2. If you are using JavaLoader to install the application please install your application jad file (located in the standard folder) as well as a jad file in the name of ExperitestLib.jad (it will have the same name as the new project you have created).
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