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We provide a couple of demo applications which can be found under the installation folder  <install dir>\bin\wp\sample:

  • EriBank: A Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 Silverlight application (.XAP)
  • UICatalog: A Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 Silverlight application (.XAP)
  • UICatalog-81-managed: A Windows Phone managed WinRT application (.APPX)

Step 1: Import your tested application by clicking on the icon ‘Import/Sign Application’.


Step 2: Navigate to the folder where the chosen XAP or APPX file is located, select it and press ‘Import’.

The selected file will be imported and instrumented. This process may take between 60-180 seconds (sometimes even longer). The application will then appear in the applications list.

Step 3: Select the application in the application list and click on icon ‘Install Application’ .

The instrumented application will then be installed on your device. The rest of the steps are relevant if you wish to launch it.

Step 4: Launch the tested application by pressing button “Yes” in the popup confirmation box.

The application will then be launched on your device.

Step 5: Open a reflection window of the selected device’s screen by clicking on ‘Open Device’ icon .

The reflection window should then appear then on your desktop with the application running in it:


  1. The resolution of the reflection screen is set to 800x480 regardless of the actual resolution of the device (this is done in order to increase compatibility of your tests between different models of Windows Phones). However, we recommend not to constrain your tests to this constant resolution, as in future versions the resolution of the reflection screen may reflect the device’s actual resolution.
  2. If anything does not work properly, go through all the Prerequisites (which are listed at the top of the referenced page) and make sure you have read and carried them out.
  3. When Trying to import and install an application from a disc, while working with a Cloud Windows Phone device, you will need to have your system compatible with the prerequisites, as in this case instrumentation will take place on the user's machine.
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