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There are two types of licenses on the studio.

Node Locked License (regular purchased license): Seat License which is bound to the machine where it was activated.

Floating License (Server installation instructions): Concurrent License which is installed on a server machine and can be used by different users on the organization.

Obtaining a License

Valid Node Locked License should be an alphanumeric string of 36 characters of the form: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX

Step 1: Access the website:



Step 2: In the "Product Key" field, enter a valid license key and click "Login" to get the features details and expiration date for the specified license key.

The following screen will indicate a valid license.


Note: It is recommended to check that all expected features of your purchased license are there and that the expiration date is correct.

Important Fields

Field Description


Number of times a license can be activated in total

Remaining Activations

Number of times a license can still be activated on a new machine

Previous Activations

Number of times a license has already been activated

Feature Names

Features on the license (OSs, Add ons etc.)

Each feature has an expiration date (can be viewed by clicking the License terms).

Invalid License Message

When you click the "Login" button on the main login dialog box, the system might display the following error messages:


Note: Verify that the specified license key is a valid key. Make sure that no characters are missing from the key or the key is not wrongly copied.


Note: Verify that the specified license key is not disabled by the sales department. For more information, contact


Note: The specified license key is already activated and cannot be activated again (without transferring it first).

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