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WEB capabilities are available in the Chrome browser for Android device.

Note:  Android version must be 4.1 and above, and the latest version of chrome.

     Start testing by either starting chrome manually or by using the "Launch" command:

  •  Use the Launch command to open the Chrome  browser on Web mode, with the following URL format:

         chrome:http://<URL of the website to be displayed>

          for example:


In order to view the chrome web dump of your web page you can: 

  •  Use object spy mode to get the Web html DOM properties of elements on the screen.

    Note: By default (regardless if you chose to start chrome in instrumented/non instrumented mode), seeTest will display
    instrumented dump for chrome as it provides a richer dump with wider range of properties that are needed for mobile testing. However,
    if you still wish to see the non-instrumented properties, you can achieve this by a right click on dump and choose
    Non-instrumented dump (for further information, Go to Non Instrumented Elements In Chrome and Safari ) or from code environment you can 
    use android.native.nonInstrumented propety with SetProperty command in order to tell seeTest to use the non-instrumented dump.

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